You can find the animatic HERE.

The story is about the successor of an elven village. His clan lives hidden within the forest and its location is a mystery for anyone who isn't part of the family. Certain day the army of an enemy race sets up camp dangerously close to the village, so the elder brings a couple of men to evaluate the situation. Her son, impatient, snob and full of himself decides to go by himself to try and get more information or steal some supplies; one man follows him to keep an eye on him, since his mother was strongly against it due to it being too dangerous.

Things go south pretty quickly and he uses his companion as an arrow shield. He runs away with a stolen jewel and finds himself cornered. Seeing no other option he jumps into the cliff behind him and falls to the ground, causing a bunch of rocks to dislocate and fall onto his leg.

A couple of years and one less leg later, he manages to be named king - with a thirst of blood for those in his village who, in his eyes, abandoned him when he needed help.


A short piece of the original script of Supernatural. The pilot episode changed, slightly and some scenes were cut, so I decided it'd be good practice to work on that without having a biased view on the shots. You can find the full script HERE - the part I've storyboarded is page 48 and 49. The last shot in the storyboard is missing, but I intend on redrawing the whole thing sometime soon.